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Customer Service Training:

Excellent customer service skills are critical for almost any position in your company. This in-depth series covers the essentials for interacting with customers as well as making good decisions and dealing with conflict. The complete customer service training series is 8 hours of content.

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An Introduction to Productive Conflict Resolution
  • Know some of the basic tenets of conflict resolution
  • Know how to look at conflict as an opportunity for productivity and growth
Applying Service Gap Analysis
  • How to use the Service Gap Analysis Chart
  • How to think about moments of truth
  • How to get the information you need from customers
  • How to validate customer observations
  • How to prioritize fixing service expectation/experience gaps
Applying the Service Experience Chart
  • How a Service Experience Chart is used
  • What the concept of “moments of truth” means
  • How to go about improving customer experiences
Avoiding Faulty Decision Making
  • Understand the different types of bias
  • Know where they cause problems in organizations
  • Know how to avoid common decision-making traps
Characteristics of a Value-Centered Organization
  • Be able to identify value-centered organizations
  • Know the key characteristics necessary to become one
  • Learn the steps to adopt these actions
Communication Channels
  • Discuss the nature of communications in an organizational setting, including communication flows, channels, and networks
Conflict Management
  • Why conflict is not inherently bad
  • How to handle conflict when it arises
  • How to handle difficult people in a work environment
Customer Service Communication Skills
  • Learn the fundamentals of good customer service
  • Understand customer expectations and fulfilling those expectations
Dealing with Stressful People
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Understand why delegating or "sharing the load" is important
  • Learn how to say no to people
  • Know why creating a support system can help reduce your stress
  • Understand why a sense of humor is important in reducing stress
  • Learn how to listen actively
Decision Making: A Model for the Best Style
  • Know the difference between command, consultative, consensus, and delegated decision making styles
Decision Making: An Overview
  • Know the three keys to effective decision making
  • Know how to determine who has decision making authority
  • Know to begin a decision with the end in mind
  • Know what boundaries regulate your decision making
Diffusing Techniques for Healing Customer Relationships
  • Know how to keep your emotions separate from the conflict
  • Learn the techniques available to diffuse irrational emotions
  • Know how to turn the situation into a positive interaction
Ensure that What You Do Matters: Apply the Customer Window
  • Understand the concept of the customer window
  • Learn when and how to implement the customer window
  • Know how to use the information gleaned from the customer window
Good Communication
  • How to give useful feedback
  • The ins and outs of active listening
  • How to master nonverbal communication
Handling Conflict with the Thomas-Kilmann Model
  • Understand the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model for handling conflict
  • Know when to use each of the five conflict handling styles identified by the model
Handling Conflicts in High-Value Relationships
  • Understand the conflict handling strategies suggested for high-value relationships
  • Know how to apply these strategies to a conflict situation
Handling Conflicts in Low-Value Relationships
  • Understand the conflict handling strategies suggested for low-value relationships
  • Know how to apply these strategies to a conflict situation
Healing Customer Relationships
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of dealing with customer relationships
  • Know how to heal a relationship that has been upset or damaged
  • Gain the knowledge necessary for finding middle ground between you and the customer
Identifying the Causes of Conflict
  • Understand what causes conflict
  • Identify jobs at risk for conflict
  • Learn the potential outcomes of conflict
Key Qualities in Building Customer Loyalty
  • What are defining moments in providing customer service?
  • How do I provide a positive connection to a customer?
  • Why should I build customer loyalty?
Know and Work With the Expectations of Those You Serve
  • Learn why knowing customer expectations is important
  • Know how to find out what these expectations are
  • Understand how to adjust your organization to customer feedback
Learn to be On-Stage to Provide the Best Service
  • Why you should use a character for customer service
  • How you can develop that character
  • How to maintain this technique and make it effective
Making Command Decisions Work for You
  • Know what a command decision is
  • Know the pros and cons of a command decision
  • Know when (and when not) to use command decisions
Making Consensus Decisions Work for You
  • Know what a consensus decision is
  • Know the pros and cons of a consensus decision
  • Know when (and when not) to use consensus decisions
Making Consultative Decisions Work for You
  • Know what a consultative decision is
  • Know the pros and cons of a consultative decision
  • Know when (and when not) to use consultative decisions
Making Decisions as a Group
  • Understand the pros and cons of individual and group decision making
  • Learn to recognize the signs of groupthink
  • Recognize different tools and techniques for making better decisions
Making Delegated Decisions Work for You
  • Know what a delegated decision is
  • Know the pros and cons of a delegated decision
  • Know when (and when not) to use delegated decisions
Making Ethical Decisions
  • Consider the role of ethical behavior and culture on decision making
Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Understand different ways to manage conflict
  • Understand your own communication style
  • Learn to stimulate conflict if needed
Minimizing Gossip and Rumor
  • What is the difference between gossiping and rumors?
  • Why do people gossip?
  • How can I reduce the problem of negative sharing and gossips in my office?
Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Communication
  • Explain barriers to communication
  • Discuss the most common types of barriers to group communication
Over-Service to Leave a Lasting Impression
  • What is over-service and how does it benefit your company?
  • What are some examples of over-service?
Package Your Service with Warmth
  • Learn how to show a customer you care about them and their needs
  • Be perceived as warm and friendly
  • Learn to listen and focus on an individual
Promote Your Service Value 
  • What is a value proposition?
  • Who is it aimed at? 
  • How can a good one help your business?
Take Care of Yourself to Provide Sustainable Service
  • Learn when you should take a quick break instead of continuing to work
  • Understand how to balance work and well-being
  • Know how to address mistakes made under stress
The Four Key Qualities of Stellar Customer Service
  • What is the STAR system for customer service?
  • Why are these aspects of customer service important?
  • What are the three dimensions of service?
The Prisoner's Dilemma in Negotiation
  • Understand how a prisoner's dilemma works and why both parties can do best by cooperating
  • Know how the prisoner's dilemma applies to every negotiation you'll face
  • Know how trust, perception, incentives, and information relate in a negotiator's dilemma
Turn Lemons into Lemonade: Handling Complaints Effectively
  • Learn the step-by-step process of handling customer complaints
  • Understand that complaints can be used as beneficial feedback
  • Use this feedback to change your organization's processes for the better
Understand What Those You Serve Value: Evaluation Values
  • Define the evaluation values of customers
  • Learn about each value and how they affect customer satisfaction
  • Know how to use these values to the advantage of your company
Understand What Those You Serve Value: Selection Values
  • Define customer selection values
  • Understand how each value affects a customer's decision
  • Learn how to use these values to the benefit of your organization
Understanding Conflict in the Workplace
  • Define and understand different types of conflict
  • Address why conflict isn't always considered negative
Understanding Decision Making
  • Define decision making
  • Understand different types of decisions and when to use them
Use Effective Phone Skills
  • Learn how to make a phone call politely
  • Understand how your demeanor on the phone affects the other caller
  • Be able to make, answer, or transfer phone calls efficiently
When You Can't Say "Yes"
  • Learn how to offer options to customers
  • Understand how to politely say no when you can't say yes
  • Be able to negotiate with insistent customers
Win Over that Difficult Person
  • Learn how to handle difficult customers
  • Understand what tactics work best for calming a customer
  • Be able to solve problems and empathize with the customer
Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution
  • Become familiar with a series of strategies designed to help you find mutually-beneficial solutions to conflicts
  • Know how to apply these strategies to any conflict situation