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Ethics Training:

Many organizations are looking for ways to provide ethics training to their employees. This turn-key series helps employees become aware of ethical dilemmas and helps them to know how to make optimal ethical decisions. The complete ethics training series is 7 hours of content.

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An Overview of Business Ethics
  • Define business ethics and explain what it means to act ethically in business
  • Explain how you can recognize an ethical organization
Communicating Ethically in Business
  • What is the role of ethics in communication?
  • What is the role of culture on communication?
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part 1
  • Learn actions that managers can take to create and sustain ethical organizations
  • Know how and why managers have a fiduciary responsibility to a company
  • Understand how organizations protect employee safety and health
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part 2
  • Be familiar with the discussions surrounding and regulations concerning sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and fair pay
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part 3
  • Learn how conscientious corporations engage with their customers and their communities
Creating and Maintaining a Code of Conduct
  • How to start the process of drafting a code of ethics
  • Who should participate in the creation of a code of ethics
  • How to maintain a code of ethics from every position in the organization
Environmentalism and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Identify threats to the natural environment and explain how businesses are addressing them
Ethical Issues in Advertising and Marketing
  • Understand the different ways in which marketing/advertising can be unethical
  • Understand and be able to give examples of marketing to vulnerable populations, created problems and stealth marketing
  • Learn how to decide for yourself what is ethical and unethical in the world of marketing
Ethics in Business
  • Gain a brief understanding of ethical and unethical business practices
  • Understand the different decision-styles people use
  • Know why your corporation has a responsibility to be ethical
Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically
  • Consider the role of ethics and culture in negotiation
Harassment Prevention: Managers' Responsibilities
  • What your legal obligations are
  • How to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • How to prevent and deal with retaliation
  • How to promptly deal with complaints
Identifying Ethical Issues: Part 1
  • Identify ethical issues that you might face in business
  • Analyze rationalizations for unethical behavior
Identifying Ethical Issues: Part 2
  • Understand what is meant by honesty and integrity in the workplace
  • Learn what it means to be a whistleblower in an unethical organization
  • Learn some common rationalizations for unethical behavior
Keeping Your Workplace Safe
  • How can employers keep their employees safer, comply with the law, and reduce liability exposure?
Leadership and Ethics
  • Learn the definition of work ethics
  • Know how to be ethical and promote ethicality at your company
  • Learn to handle and avoid unethical behavior
Leading Your Team Ethically
  • Consider the role of ethics and culture in leadership
Legal But Unethical - How Can That Be?
  • Understand the difference between legal and ethical behavior
  • Understand the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law
  • Be able to state instances of unethical but legal laws and cases
Linking Ethical Behavior to Your Organization’s Structure
  • Consider the role of organizational structure and change in ethical behavior
  • Consider the role of culture for organizational structure and change
Linking Ethics to Stress and Emotions
  • How do emotions influence our decisions?
  • How do emotions relate to ethics?
Making Ethical Decisions
  • Consider the role of ethical behavior and culture on decision making
Managing Teams Ethically
  • Consider the role of ethics and teams
  • Consider teams around the globe
Minimizing Gossip and Rumor
  • What is the difference between gossiping and rumors?
  • Why do people gossip?
  • How can I reduce the problem of negative sharing and gossips in my office?
Misgoverning Corporations: An Overview
  • What are some examples of bad business ethics?
  • Why do some heads of corporations commit crimes?
Motivating Employees Ethically
  • What are the effects of job design, goals, and reward systems on ethical behavior?
  • What are the effects of culture on job design, goals, and reward systems?
Motivation: Ethical Strategies
  • What is the connection between motivation and ethical behavior?
  • How does motivation theory differ across cultures?
  • What is “fairness”?
Onboarding: Best Practices
  • What is on-boarding?
  • How do I make my on-boarding process more effective for my employees?
  • What are some on-boarding best practices I can implement?
Promoting an Ethical Culture in Your Organization
  • Consider the role of ethics and culture in organizations
Promoting Ethical Values and Behavior
  • How do values affect one’s ethics?
  • How do values affect decision-making in your life?
  • How do values vary around the world?
  • Are personality traits and human perception universal?
Safety and Health Add Value
  • Why should an employer use OSHA standards?
  • What are some OSHA programs available to businesses?
  • How much money could a business save by implementing OSHA standards?
  • What are the benefits to employees who are protected by OSHA?
  • Where can you find additional information about OSHA programs?
Sales and Ethics: Connecting Your Values to Your Career
  • Discuss the role of values in ethics
  • What is the connection between a mission statement and ethical decisions?
  • How can you maintain a good reputation?
  • What should you do when you encounter an unethical organizational behavior?
Sales and Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions
  • Understand ethics and what composes ethical behavior
  • Understand how you define your personal code of ethics
Sales and Ethics: Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • How do company policies reflect business ethics?
  • What is a conflict of interest?
  • How do business ethics apply to workplace behavior?
Stages of Corporate Responsibility
  • List the stages of corporate responsibility
The Benefits of an Environmental Management System
  • What is an EMS?
  • How can an EMS reduce your organization’s expenses?
  • How might an EMS affect company image?
  • How will an EMS help employee health?
  • How will an EMS affect company legal obligations?
The Global Business Environment: Working in Different Economies
  • Appreciate how economic, legal, and political differences create challenges to successful business dealings
The Individual Approach to Ethics
  • Know the differences between an ethical dilemma and an ethical decision
  • Specify the steps that you would take to solve an ethical dilemma and make an ethical decision
The Organizational Approach to Ethics
  • Specify actions that managers can take to create and sustain ethical organizations
The Smell Test: A First Look at Ethics in Business
  • Know the definition of business ethics
  • Be able to recognize good and bad ethics within your company
  • Understand what your role is and what you can do to promote ethical behavior
The Triple Bottom Line
  • Provide a general understanding of Triple Bottom Line
  • Provide ideas on how to utilize this framework at all levels
  • Illustrate the benefits of this three-pronged approach
Top 10 Ethical Issues
  • Learn about the top ten most important issues in business ethics
Understanding Emotion in the Workplace
  • What is Affective Events Theory?
  • How do emotions affect attitude?
  • What is emotional labor?
  • What is cognitive dissonance?
  • What is emotional intelligence?
Using Power and Influence Ethically
  • Consider the role of ethics and power
  • Consider the role of culture on power
What are Emotions?
  • What are emotions?
  • How do emotions relate to work behavior?