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Sales Training:

Successful selling is the foundation of almost every business. This comprehensive series discusses the complete sales cycle, from targeting qualified prospect to making the sale and following up with customers for referals. It also touches on ethics in sales as well as motivation, time management, and goal setting. The complete sales series is 19 hours of content. 

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Addressing Objections in Sales
  • Understand sales objections
  • Learn how overcoming objections can strengthen a relationship
An Overview of Business Ethics
  • Define business ethics 
  • Explain what it means to act ethically in business
  • Explain how you can recognize an ethical organization
Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiation
  • Know what types of assumptions negotiators make and how they can be damaging to negotiations
  • Know other common mistakes made by negotiators
  • Develop solutions to these common problems
  • Identify resources to aid in understanding successful negotiations
Choosing an Effective Closing Method
  • Learn how to successfully close a complex high value sale
  • Understand different types of closing techniques
Claiming vs. Creating Value in Negotiation
  • Understand how claiming and creating value can interfere with one another
  • Learn how to claim some portion of the value you create in a negotiation
  • Recognize how to employ claiming and creating tactics differently in distributive and integrative negotiations
Closing the Sale
  • What does it mean to close a sale?
  • How can I improve my closing skills?
Communicating Effectively in Sales
  • What is the communication model?
  • What is the relationship between empathy and communication?
  • What is active listening?
Connecting Sales and Branding to Achieve Success
  • Understand the role of selling in everyday life
  • Understand the importance of branding to sales
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part 1
  • Learn actions that managers can take to create and sustain ethical organizations
  • Know how and why managers have a fiduciary responsibility to a company
  • Understand how organizations protect employee safety and health
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part 2
  • Be familiar with the discussions surrounding and regulations concerning sexual harassment
  • Be familiar with the discussions surrounding and regulations concerning workplace discrimination
  • Be familiar with the discussions surrounding and regulations concerning fair pay
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part 3
  • Learn how conscientious corporations engage with their customers and their communities
Creating an Effective Sales Proposal
  • Understand how a proposal fits into the sales presentation
  • Understand an RFP 
  • Know when to submit a proposal
Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Understand what a conflict spiral is and how to break it
  • Understand how to deal with emotions in a negotiation
  • Learn how to handle ultimatums
Defining the Wants and Needs of Customers
  • Describe the different types of customers and why this information is important in determining customers’ needs
  • Discuss the implications of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for selling
Developing a Value Proposition
  • What is a value proposition?
  • How do I create an effective value proposition?
  • What is a value delivery system?
Diffusing Techniques for Healing Customer Relationships
  • Know how to keep your emotions separate from the conflict
  • Learn the techniques available to diffuse irrational emotions
  • Know how to turn the situation into a positive interaction
Dressing for Your Sales Presentation
  • Learn how to dress for success for a sales presentation
Effective Selling in Any Situation
  • Understand the different types of selling channels and selling environments
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of each sales type
Efficiency Indicators: The Cash Conversion Cycle
  • What is the Cash Conversion Cycle?
  • How do I calculate a business's Cash Conversion Cycle?
  • Why is the Cash Conversion Cycle important?
Entrepreneurship in Sales: Getting Started
  • Understand the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Learn about some alternative areas of sales entrepreneurship
Environmentalism and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Identify threats to the natural environment 
  • Explain how businesses are addressing environmental threats
Establishing Trust with Customers
  • Identify who wins in the win-win-win relationship model
  • Explain how networking builds relationships and businesses
Ethical Challenges in Negotiation
  • Understand the ethical issues associated with negotiation
  • Know how to plan so that you aren't faced with the decision of whether or not to behave unethically
  • Know how to handle unethical behaviors from other negotiators
Exploring Entrepreneurship in Sales
  • Understand the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Discuss the role of entrepreneurial businesses in the economy
Finding Good Prospects
  • Understand prospecting and the importance of continuously building your list of potential customers
  • Learn five common sources for prospecting
Following up on Your Sale
  • Understand what follow-up entails and why it is so important
  • Discuss the ongoing nature of follow-up
Forming Strategies for the Sales Approach
  • Understand how to make contact with your prospect in person for B2B sales and B2C sales
Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically
  • Consider the role of ethics and culture in negotiation
Healing Customer Relationships
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of dealing with customer relationships
  • Know how to heal a relationship that has been upset or damaged
  • Gain the knowledge necessary for finding middle ground between you and the customer
Identifying Ethical Issues: Part 1
  • Identify ethical issues that you might face in business
  • Analyze rationalizations for unethical behavior
Identifying Ethical Issues: Part 2
  • Understand what is meant by honesty and integrity in the workplace
  • Learn what it means to be a whistle blower in an unethical organization
  • Learn common rationalizations for unethical behavior
Identifying the Right Location for Your Sales Presentation
  • Learn how to deliver your message in a powerful and effective way, no matter where the meeting takes place
Identifying the Traits of a Successful Salesperson
  • Discuss the characteristics required to be successful in a career in sales
  • Understand what you can expect from a career in sales
Key Qualities in Building Customer Loyalty
  • What are defining moments in providing customer service?
  • How do I provide a positive connection to a customer?
  • Why should I build customer loyalty?
Linking Ethics to Stress and Emotions
  • How do emotions influence our decisions?
  • How do emotions relate to ethics?
Linking Risk and Return to Business
  • What is risk and return in finance?
  • How do I relate the concept of risk and return to financial investments?
  • What are some useful common finance terms?
Making Your Sales Approach Effective
  • Understand how to make contact with your prospect
Making Your Sales Presentation Stand Out
  • Learn how to deliver your message in a powerful and effective way using the right tools for your presentation
Managing the Negotiator's Dilemma
  • Know the three sides of the negotiation triangle concerning perception
  • Know how to handle the substantive issues, procedural issues, and emotional issues
Managing Your Sales Prospects
  • Learn five excellent resources to use when prospecting
Managing Yourself in Sales
  • Understand how to manage yourself as a selling professional
Mastering Cross-Cultural Negotiations
  • How can you be effective when negotiating internationally or across different cultures?
  • What resources are there for negotiating across cultures?
Maximizing Your Sales with Time Management
  • Learn the keys to managing your time
Misgoverning Corporations: An Overview
  • What are some examples of bad business ethics?
  • Why do some heads of corporations commit crimes?
Negotiating a Job Offer
  • Learn what is negotiable in a job offer
  • Understand how to best prepare for negotiating a job offer
  • Know what to do during a job offer negotiation meeting
  • Learn how best to respond to a job offer
Negotiating Electronically
  • Understand the differences between electronic communication and face-to-face communication
  • Learn ways to combat the lean information often presented by electronic communication
Negotiating on Teams and Task Forces
  • Know the differences between one-on-one and multiparty negotiations
  • Know what a coalition is and how to use them strategically
  • Know how to prepare for a multiparty negotiation
  • Know the GRIT resolution method and how to implement it
Negotiating the Sale
  • Learn how to negotiate so that all parties win
Negotiating Through Agents
  • Understand the benefits of using an agent in negotiations
  • Learn the potential costs of using a third-party agent in negotiations
  • Understand where to find an agent for your negotiating needs
  • Learn what you can do as an agent
Negotiation Strategies: Zone of Agreement, Reservation Point, and BATNA
  • Know the reservation and aspiration points how to determine them
  • Recognize the Zone of Agreement and the bargaining zone
  • Understand the negotiator surplus 
  • Know how these points and zones fall in negotiations
Organizing your Prospect Information
  • Learn about several methods that companies large and small employ to manage prospect information
  • Use prospect information to learn more about gathering intelligence on buying situations
  • Know how to keep your prospect information up-to-date
  • Understand common questions you can use to qualify your prospects
Organizing Your Sales Presentation
  • Know the six steps of a successful sales presentation
Overcoming Sales Approach Obstacles
  • Identify how to overcome barriers to success in getting an appointment
Planning for a Negotiation
  • Know what good negotiators say is the most important attribute of a successful negotiator
  • Know what types of planning activities to engage in before a negotiation
  • Know how to debrief yourself or your team in order to learn from each negotiation
Practicing for Your Sales Presentation
  • Learn how to prepare for a sales presentation
Preparing for Your Sales Call with “SMART” Goals
  • Learn how to set "SMART" precall objectives
  • Understand key elements of presentation preparation
Preparing for Your Sales Pre-approach
  • Understand how to research a qualified prospect
  • Recognize resources to conduct prospect research
Sales and Ethics: Connecting Your Values to Your Career 
  • Discuss the role of values in ethics
  • What is the connection between a mission statement and ethical decisions?
  • How can you maintain a good reputation?
  • What should you do when you encounter an unethical organizational behavior?
Sales and Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions
  • Understand ethics and what composes ethical behavior
  • Understand how to define your personal code of ethics
Sales and Ethics: Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • How do company policies reflect business ethics?
  • What is a conflict of interest?
  • How do business ethics apply to workplace behavior?
Sales Strategies for Handling Objections
  • Understand the different types of objections
  • Learn effective strategies to handle objections
Selling Effectively in B2B Situations
  • Describe the different types of customers in B2B sales
  • Understand the different types of buying situations in B2B sales
  • Know why this information is important in determining customers’ needs
Selling through the 7-Step Process
  • Explain the role of the seven steps of the selling process
Selling You: Creating a Business Plan
  • Understand how entrepreneurs sell themselves and their business ideas to secure funding to grow their businesses
Selling You: Promoting Your Personal Brand Ethically
  • Learn about the ethics of your résumé
  • Understand how to ask references to speak honestly on your behalf
Setting and Managing Your Sales Goals
  • Identify the elements that drive your results and income
  • Learn about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how they can help you improve your sales performance
Solving Your Customer’s Needs
  • Understand how to identify needs and opportunities
Stages of Corporate Responsibility
  • List the stages of corporate responsibility
Staying Motivated in Sales
  • Learn how to stay motivated and expand your knowledge every day
  • Discuss how to stay positive with a healthy mind and body
Strategizing for Your Sales Presentation
  • Learn how to deliver your message in a powerful and effective way to any audience
Tactics for Claiming Value
  • Know what power is in a negotiation
  • Know how to increase your own power in a negotiation without changing any substantive issues
  • Know what things to bring into a negotiation to maximize your power and options
Tactics for Creating Value
  • Know the difference between positions, issues, and interests
  • Know how to use your knowledge of your and the other party's interests to create value in the negotiation
  • Know how creating value leads to more successful negotiations
The Four Key Qualities of Stellar Customer Service
  • What is the STAR system for customer service?
  • Why are these aspects of customer service important?
  • What are the three dimensions of service?
The Individual Approach to Ethics
  • Know the differences between an ethical dilemma and an ethical decision
  • Specify the steps that you would take to solve an ethical dilemma and make an ethical decision
The Organizational Approach to Ethics
  • Specify actions that managers can take to create and sustain ethical organizations
The Prisoner's Dilemma in Negotiation
  • Understand how a prisoner's dilemma works and why both parties can do best by cooperating
  • Know how the prisoner's dilemma applies to every negotiation you'll face
  • Know how trust, perception, incentives, and information relate in a negotiator's dilemma
Turning Customer Satisfaction into Customer Loyalty
  • Understand how customer satisfaction relates to customer loyalty
Understanding Communication in Sales
  • Recognize the implications of different types of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Learn how your choice of dress communicates in an interview and the workplace
  • Discuss how technology tools can help a salesperson manage customer relationships
Understanding Sales as a Career
  • Discuss the role of selling 
Understanding Successful Negotiation
  • Learn the five phases of negotiation
  • Learn negotiation strategies
  • Avoid common mistakes in negotiations
  • Learn about third-party negotiations
Understanding Techniques for a Sales Approach
  • Describe the different types of sales approaches
  • Know which type to use in different situations
Understanding the B2B Buying Process
  • List the steps in the buying process
  • Describe how and why the process is evolving
  • Understand the role of emotions in the buying decision
Understanding the Benefits of Consultative Selling
  • Understand why relationships are so important in selling
  • Explain how relationships bring value through consultative selling
Understanding the Reasons Behind Objections
  • Understand when and why prospects raise objections
Understanding the Steps in Sales Negotiations
  • Learn how to negotiate so that all parties win
Using Adaptive Selling to Make the Sale
  • Explain the concept of adaptive selling and how to use it
  • Understand how the social style matrix can help you be more effective in sales
Using Business Etiquette in Sales
  • Understand the appropriate etiquette for business communication
Using FAB to Sell Effectively
  • Learn how to use FAB for effective selling
Using Prospecting in the Selling Process
  • Understand the role prospecting plays in the selling process
Using SPIN ™ Selling in Your Presentation
  • Understand SPIN™ selling
  • Learn how to use SPIN™ selling
Using Third-Party Interveners
  • Understand the different types of roles of a third party in a negotiation
  • Learn the differences among these roles
  • Learn things to consider when making a decision about using a third party
  • Know the objectives of a third party in a negotiation
What are the 6 "Cs" of a Sales Approach?
  • Understand the role of first impressions and the importance of a strong approach
Working with Psychological Biases in Negotiation
  • Know the main psychological biases which influence how people make decisions in negotiations
  • Know how to word and frame proposals to make use of these biases in negotiation
  • Know how to avoid framing made by others which might lead you to poor decision making